1. Daniel Elkin and Jason Sacks of the Comics Bulletin have reviewed Jesse Jacobs’ Safari Honeymoon with a thoughtful tête-à-tête review.

    “Part jungle adventure, part “psychedelic sojourn”, part biblical allegory, part gender study, part contemporary commentary, Safari Honeymoon is much more than the sum of its parts; it becomes its own thing by being unlike almost anything else.” — Daniel Elkin, Comics Bulletin 

    Safari Honeymoon, as an exemplar of the next generation of comics storytelling, takes the medium to a different place, a place that may be best analogous to poetry.” — Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin

    Head on over to Comics Bulletin for the full review!

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    Im interested in reading this if the jungle part is applicable to flora n fauna only, and doesnt use the ppl who live in...
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