1. Comic Arts Brooklyn (CAB) is this weekend and Koyama Press is going to be there with three new books! S.F. #3 by Ryan Cecil Smith, Fata Morgana by Jon Vermilyea and Blobby Boys by Alex Schubert are debuting at the show, and all three artists will be on hand signing books. Michael DeForge will be tabling directly beside us (table U15), and be sure to keep your eyes open for cameos by Jane Mai, Julia Wertz and Victor Kerlow. CAB has an excellent lineup of exhibitors and programming so if you are in Brooklyn this weekend come by Mt. Carmel Church for some comics goodness!


    Ryan Cecil Smith      11AM-1PM // 3-5PM

    Jon Vermilyea           11AM-1PM // 3-5PM

    Alex Schubert            1-3PM // 5-7PM

    9 November 2013 | At 
    Mt. Carmel Church, Brooklyn, NY | FREE

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    definitely picking up SF3, vermilyea’s book looks gorgeous too!
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