1. Koyama Press is excited to announce that a near complete catalogue of our books and artwork by six artists we have published will be featured in The Many Faces of Koyama Press at the Outerspace Gallery in Victoria, BC. This is the first in an ongoing series of publisher spotlight exhibitions at the gallery, which have been designed to allow viewers to engage with art publishers and the artists they publish.

    The six artists who will be exhibiting artwork alongside Koyama Press publications are Patrick KyleJesse JacobsLuke RamseyTin Can ForestAlex Schubert, and Allister Lee.

    The exhibition takes place from September 27–29, so if you are in the Victoria-area at that time be sure to check it out! Read more about the event on the Outerspace Facebook page here

    Koyama Press gif by Victor Kerlow

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    k Koyama Press at the Outerspace Gallery in Victoria, BC. This is the first in an ongoing series of publisher spotlight...
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