1. The Cartoon Network has established itself as one of thebest places to go to find great cartoonists working on great cartoons. This was driven home at this year’s Comic-Con with the announcement of several new shows that feature the work of talented young cartoonists. As Shannon O’Leary of the Comics Beat reports, Hellen Jo and Angie Wang, who both appear in the Koyama Press anthology Root Rot (9780978481094 | May 2011 | $12.00 | Trade Paper), are working on Steven Universe, which follows the adventures of the youngest member of a team of universe-protecting magical guardians.

    O’Leary also notes that Jon Vermilyea, who is set to release Fata Morgana (9781927668030 | November 2013 | $15.00 | Trade Paper) this Fall, will be bringing his uniquely psychedelic skills to Uncle Grandpa, which she describes as “the possibly the most visually interesting, weird and innovative” of the shows presented.

    Read the rest of O’Leary’s article here!

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