Coming this June from Koyama Press!


    Coming this May from Koyama Press!

  3. Julie Delporte’s Journal has been nominated for the Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book. Expozine is Montreal’s premier small press, comic and zine fair and takes place on April 24, 2014. For more details about the awards and Expozine, click here!

  4. Cole Closser’s Little Tommy Lost: Book One has been nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Publication Design!

    Congratulations to Cole and all the other nominees, who can be seen right here!

  5. kingtrash:

    A Werewolf, Mid-Transformation 1

    Gonna serialize this weekly until it’s finished - maybe 30 or so weeks’ worth of pages? It will eventually appear in Lose #7.

    Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero returns this weekend.

  6. Seo Kim’s endlessly relatable and readable Cat Pers­­­onis reviewed by the Nerdist!

    “The illustrations cover a variety of topics including Seo’s cat Jimmy, everyday life situations, and a peek into the amusing aspects of a long distance relationship. You’ll giggle and probably say “D’aww” to yourself more than once.” — Amy Ratcliffe, Nerdist

    Read the rest of the review right here!

  7. Jesse Jacobs’ comic about a newlywed couple’s trippy trip, Safari Honeymoon  is reviewed by John Seven.

    “Jesse Jacobs’ work here accentuates everything that comics are great at, and serves as a perfect example of what the comics medium can really achieve that no other medium can in quite the same way.” — John Seven, Damnopedia

    Check out the whole review right here!

  8. thankyouvictor:

    HEY PALS! Just started a new comic on Study Group called DOG & ROBOT so check it outttt!!!



    A socially and emotionally immature Dog learns lessons about friendship and self-worth following the sudden death of his industrialist father, which also leads to a new friendship with a Robot.

    New Victor Kerlow!


  9. Anonymous asked: What's your favourite way to ink, do you use a micron, a ballpoint pen, a micron, or a lever?


    I ink almost entirely with a brush but occasionally incorporate this style of pen from muji. (In black, obviously)

    This is the ink I use. 

    These are the brushes I use. 

    Tricks of the trade. Watching Patrick draw is a treat.

  10. Dash Shaw’s Cosplayers. New comic. Thanks, Dash!