1. New book by Luke Ramsey via Anteism.

    Highlighting titles from the Koyama Press backlist


    Tin Can Forest (aka Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek)—whose Koyama Press debut Baba Yaga and the Wolf was nominated for the 2011 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent, and won the duo the 2011 Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist—present their latest book Wax Cross. The artists describe Wax Cross as “an alchemical folktale set in the twilight of the modern age, when the moon has devoured the sun, the mechanical ocean has evaporated into silence, and the decaying corpse of electric current sleeps eternally in a casket of orange lichen. Featuring a cast of characters as familiar as the faded Polaroids in a photo album salvaged from the flooded basement of a condemned church, Wax Cross presents illustrated transcriptions of ectoplasmic revelation, fibrous and grainy folklore, and unbridled bestial merriment, accompanied by textual incantations and occult decoration.”

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  3. Jesse Jacobs has been interviewed by Anshuman Iddamsetty for the podcast The Arcade, which is a part of Hazlitt Magazine. They discuss Jacobs’s new book Safari Honeymoon, nature, big government, and the unexpected power of doodling. Listen to it right here!

  4. Kickass Annie regrammed from @phil_mcandrew!

  5. Jesse Jacobs’ psychedelic post-nuptial tale Safari Honeymoon has been reviewed by Broken Frontier.

    “The work of an ingenious and fertile imagination this is a book where visual execution is unashamedly at the forefront of narrative drive in immersing the reader in a most intricately constructed realm of weirdness.” — Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

    Read the whole review right here!

  6. Koyama Press publisher Annie Koyama has been interviewed by the UK’s only street press comic magazine Off Life. Check out the whole interview here!

  7. Seo KimAdventure Time writer and storyboarder and the author of the seriously funny Cat Person, was asked by the A.V. Club to pay tribute to an artist that inspired her. She chose fellow Adventure Time staffer and most excellent cartoonist Graham Falk. Check out her comic tribute to Falk here!

  8. Renee French’s new book, Baby Bjornstrand will debut at Small Press Expo in Bethesda in September. She’s a featured guest at the show too. Come and meet her. The book will be available in stores in September if you can’t make it to SPX.

  9. spideretc:

    RAV 10
    8 bux + s&h

    BUY IT HERE: http://pricetapes.storenvy.com/collections/236190-all-products/products/8716881-rav-10

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    126 pages, classic black on white risograph printed interior with 3 color riso cover 


    in this issue:

    sally trudges through a snowy tundra and is later very verbal, the snake prince and august find a mysterious and as of yet unresolved surprise in the tunnel, main marian missteps, juice does something terrible, mothball throws some punches, and ben plays the world.


    BONUSs: FANART CONTEST … 3 best fanarts get a free copy of RAV 10, mailed to them anywhere in the world. SECRET HINT: nobody is going to participate in this contest, so if you participate, you will probably win. complete said fanart by AUG 2ND and tag spideretc so i can see it

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    Mickey Z. is at it again! RAV 10 is available and she’s holding a contest too!

  10. Britt Wilson’s Cat Dad, King of the Goblins is coming this Fall, andis, as you might imagine, chockfull of goblins. How angry these two are is up to you and your pencil (or stylus, or pen, or brush, or fingers, etc. we don’t judge)!