1. John Martz's A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories isn’t out until this Fall, but in the meantime you can make Tim a sweet new shirt! 

  2. Phil Woollam’s thermograved, risographed print. So beautiful. Printed by @ColourCodePrint.

  3. Cool new art collective space in Toronto.

  4. Get ready for Patrick Kyle’s new book, Distance Mover, coming this September!

  5. p-kyle:

    I felt like freshening myself up so I made a new website. It’s entirely built on Tumblr, but don’t follow it! It’s not a tumblr, it’s a portfolio website!!! 


    New site from the artist behind New Comics!

  6. In preparation for Comic-Con week, the Los Angeles Times have made a list of twelve vital comic and graphic novel creators to watch, and Michael DeForge is one of them.

    “One of the most exciting and unpredictable cartoonists working in comics, Michael DeForge has a unique perspective that juggles humor, tragedy, whimsy and horror to create unforgettable stories.” 
    — Oliver Sava, Los Angeles Times

    Check out the other eleven creators right here!

    Photo by Robin Nishio 

  7. New zine. New baseball cap. Get these together to become the new you. Michael DeForge Signs at Secret Headquarters tonight!

    21 July 2014 | 7–9PM  Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA | FREE
    Visit the Secret Headquarters website for further details

  9. Elisha Lim’s collection of queer encounters 100 Crushes is reviewed by Shameless magazine.

    “I just finished reading the comic compilation 100 Crushes by Elisha Lim. I was compelled to stop reading many times and hit my Facebook status with some update about how Lim’s comic and drawing expertise hit the nail on the head every page I turned.” — deb singh, Shameless

    Read the whole review right here!

  10. Ohio State University Professor of English and Film, Jared Gardner takes a tour of otherworldly words and pictures at Public Books, and Jesse Jacobs’ Safari Honeymoon is included on the itinerary.

    “In a recent interview, Jacobs said that if he weren’t a cartoonist he would probably have been a farmer. With Safari Honeymoon it seems that Jacobs has managed to be both at once, albeit a farmer in which the reader is the field to be planted.” — Jared Gardner, Public Books

    Read the whole review and check out some more outré comics here!