1. austinkleon:

    “I make places I want to go to.”

    Renee French drawn at SPX by the great Warren Craghead.

    Reminds me of the last line of William Burroughs’ Paris Review interview:

    I’m creating an imaginary—it’s always imaginary—world in which I would like to live.

    Renee French, Jesse Jacobs, SPX2014, comics, Baby Bjornstrand, Safari Honeymoon, Koyama Press

    (via renee-french)

  2. fantagraphics:

    Patrick Kyle, Michael DeForge and Simon Hanselmann signing at Telegraph Gallery in Charlottesville, VA RIGHT NOW! Until 9pm!

  3. Renee French and Jesse Jacobs in conversation at SPX 2014.

  4. Michael DeForge reads comic’s vows to Simon Hanselmann. From last night’s wedding ceremony. Jason Levian, Annie Mok and I are behind Simon. Gary Groth gave the bride away.

  5. These gals! Mimi Pond, Renee French and Julia Wertz.

  6. Sasha Velour and John Jacob get ready for the Ignatz awards.

  7. Wedding at SPX 2014.

  8. John Martz and Britt Wilson sign their new books. #SPX2014

  9. SPX!! SPX!! SPX!! SPX!! SPX!! SPX!!

    It’s here, we’re here, so come say hi!

    Small Press Expo (SPX) Tables J12-14
    13–14 September 2014 | 14 September: 11AM–7PM and 15 September: 12PM–6PM at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Bethesda, MD
    Visit the Small Press Expo website for further details



    11AM-1PM       Michael DeForge + Renee French
    1-2PM              John Martz + Britt Wilson (Kid friendly!)
    3-5PM              Jesse Jacobs + Patrick Kyle
    5-7PM              Renee French + Julia Wertz


    12-2PM            Michael DeForge + Renee French
    2-4PM              John Martz + Britt Wilson (Kid friendly!)
    4-5PM              Patrick Kyle + Ryan Cecil Smith          

  10. SPX we’re ready, are you?!