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    Koyama Press is well represented at this year’s SPX with five books debuting and a number of artists appearing including Renee French and Jesse Jacobs. These two masters of the monstrous will be joining Marc Sobel in conversation on the last panel of the weekend. Close out a weekend of comics with two incredible creators of creatures!

    Renee French and Jesse Jacobs in Conversation
    Sunday 4:30 – 5:30 in the White Oak Room

    Renee French first made her mark with the intensely drawn, troubling comic book series Grit Bath in the 1990s and has produced a diverse array of works including The Ticking, H Day, and her new book Baby Bjornstrand. Jesse Jacobs has worked on the animated series Adventure Time and his books of comics include Even the Giants, By This You Shall Know Him and his new book Safari Honeymoon. These artists share a commitment to intense visual explorations of unsettled and unsettling narratives and will discuss their work in a special conversation moderated by Marc Sobel.

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  6. Renee French’s Baby Bjornstrand, which is set to debut at this year’s SPX where Renee is a special guest, has been reviewed by The Comics Journal.

    “As the uniform proscenium staging of its panels suggests, Bjornstrand remains much closer to Samuel Beckett than Stephen King, despite French’s astonishing proficiency with painstakingly penciled menace. Yet its morose ending has a bite that doesn’t require the jaws of a monster.” — Sean T. Collins, The Comics Journal

    Check out the whole review right here!

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    Cover yo’ stuff, ‘cause here comes another cover for Regular Show, from BOOM! Studios, babies!  Start diggin’ change out yer couch cushions, ‘cause it’s on issue 17—comin’ this November!  Lookit alla them big ol’ round HEADS!


    Highlighting titles from the Koyama Press backlist


    Toronto-based zine and printmaker Michael Comeau’s Hellberta sees Canadian comics icon Wolverine return to his homeland of Alberta to face his greatest foe: Prime Minister Stephen Harper! Weapon X is recast as a messianic mutant out to revenge the destruction and ravaging of his home and native land. This satirical pastiche of politics, religion, comics, and exploitation films—in the rich Canadian tradition of Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS—is a trenchant, and oftentimes hysterical, look at the current Canadian political landscape. Screen-printed in red and black on bright yellow paper stock and released in a limited edition of 300, Hellberta is a lysergic combination of Claremont, Canadiana, and iconoclasm that is like nothing you have ever seen!

    Winner of the Pigskin Peters Award, which recognizes the best of avant-garde or experimental comics, at the 2012 Doug Wright Awards. Jeet Heer, of the Wright Awards nominating committee that chooses the annual Pigskin Peters Award, described Hellberta as “Many things—a pastiche of superhero comic, a political satire, a post-apocalyptic fable—all melded together to form a single nightmarish vision. Michael Comeau brings to this tradition an energetic line, a fertile imagination, and the courage to put his most outrageous ideas on paper.”

    Hellberta is out of print, but you can purchase #2 right here!

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